The healthiest, safest and most sustainable way to wipe.

We rarely give tissue paper a second thought, why white.. can chlorine and harsh chemicals be absorbed through my skin? 

Feel secure upgrading to our natural toxin-free, tree-free tissue.

TRIAL GIVEAWAY ALERT — Are you deeply in love with your skin and well-being? Embrace Wype, your partner for a toxin-free, gentle, and eco-friendly hygiene journey

Safeguard your health

Our paper is lovingly crafted without harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and nurturing clean.

Commitment to forests

By choosing Wype, you're using a skin-friendly product made without cutting a single tree.

Naturally gentle

Embrace the comfort of unbleached, chlorine-free toilet paper that’s kind to both you and the environment.

Pure and simple

With Wype, enjoy a product that's untouched by artificial additives and respects your wellbeing.

Say goodbye to worries about skin irritations, allergies, or exposure to harmful chemicals. We prioritize the health and happiness of your loved ones, enabling you to create a toxin-free environment that fosters the wonderful moments you share together.

Did you know that many traditional toilet paper and facial tissue products contain harmful toxins? These toxins, such as chlorine bleach and synthetic fragrances, can irritate sensitive skin, cause allergies, and even disrupt hormonal balance.

At Wype, we believe that your family deserves better. That's why we've developed a range of free and gentle products that are completely free from harmful chemicals. We understand the importance of creating an environment that nurtures your loved ones, and our toxin-free tissues are designed with safety in mind and care for your family's health.

By shunning chemical-laden, heavily processed white paper products, we champion a greater cause - a healthier, safer, and more environmentally sound solution.

Wellness meets Sustainability

Welcome to Wype, where we blend conscientious environmental practices with a deep commitment to your health and that of your loved ones.

Our guiding principle?

Being Sustainably Skin-Wise.

We're inviting you on a journey to a healthier lifestyle with our eco-friendly, skin-friendly bamboo toilet paper.

Building Strength and Care

At Wype, we understand the value of strength and care in your personal hygiene products. That's why our bamboo toilet paper stands strong in both regards.

Embracing Natural Purity
Conventional toilet papers may seem soft and gentle, but the heavy chemical processing they undergo suggests otherwise. Our approach is different. We use unbleached, minimally processed bamboo, providing a cleaner experience for your skin and body.

Designed With You in Mind
Our bamboo toilet paper caters to all your needs. We have a softer side for a gentle touch and a stronger side for those moments that require a bit more sturdiness.

Sustainability Meets Health

Choosing Wype means choosing sustainability and health. Here's how our Sustainably Skin-Wise Toilet Paper makes the difference:

Bamboo: A Sustainable Choice
Sourced responsibly from well-managed bamboo forests, our toilet paper helps in preserving natural habitats and maintaining biodiversity. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource that needs no replanting reduces deforestation promoting a sustainable future.

Positive Environmental Impact
With less water consumed during production than traditional toilet paper, choosing Wype means you are contributing to water conservation and a greener planet.

A mindful approach

Looking after your health doesn’t stop with wholesome food and regular exercise. You see, our Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper nudges you to extend that care to aspects less thought of - yet equally important.

By choosing Wype, you're not just choosing better for your health. You're choosing better for our planet too. And hey, isn’t that the ultimate wellness goal? So go ahead, embrace the healthier, "Sustainably Skin-Wise" choice with Wype.

Health & Wellness

Imagine wiping aside worries of harsh chemicals while contributing positively to our environment - sounds good, doesn't it? Well, our thoughtfully created tissue paper provide just that!


Crafted mindfully from responsibly-sourced bamboo, each roll stands as an emblem of health and a perfect example of loving kindness towards our shared environment.

We are a community that values sustainability and health in equal measure. By choosing Sustainably Skin-Wise Toilet Paper, you are:

Prioritising your skin's health by avoiding contact with harsh chemicals.

Contributing to a sustainable future by opting for our unbleached bamboo toilet paper.

Being a part of a significant shift towards a lifestyle that values wellness and environmental conservation.

Let's work together to create a world where these values aren't unique, but the norm. Join the Wype family today and feel the satisfaction of making the Healthiest, safest and most sustainable choice for your well-being and our planet.

Our newest subscribers sharing

Testimonials from both our trial community and newest adopters of our carefully crafted, no nasties tissue rolls.

Pleasantly surprised!

Since switching to Wype's bamboo toilet paper, not only does my skin thank me, but I also sleep better knowing I'm reducing my ecological footprint.

— Danny D.

Totally in love:)

Wype's bamboo tissues give me a peace of mind that no other hygiene product has. Skin sensitivity issues and triggers "down there" are looking to be a thing of the past.

— Sylvia R.

I like the gripping side!

Wype's bamboo toilet paper brings sustainability into my bathroom. No more worrying about uncomfortable skin reactions or the environmental damage caused by regular toilet papers. I've found an alternative that champions both health and our planet.

— Nona D.

Pure Quality.

It's soft on my skin, doesn't break like the fluffy white stuff and the bonus is, it aligns with my goal of living as eco-friendly as possible. It's a win for me, my health, and our Earth.

— Jodie N.

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Nature's embrace

Wype combines sustainability and skin-friendliness with the power of 100% organic bamboo fibers.

Exclusively eco-conscious

Distinctive honor of being the world's sole B-certified paper manufacturer, taking a stand for sustainability.

Safeguard your health

Our paper is lovingly crafted without harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and nurturing clean.

Sensitive skin approved

Wype is designed to accommodate even the most delicate skin, providing gentle care and maximum comfort.

Happiness, assured

our confidence in Wype is our priority – that’s why we promise complete satisfaction with every purchase.