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    Bamboo Toilet Paper

    Bath tissue rolls per Box

    Sustainably Skin-Wise

    Ah, bring on the 100% Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper - your soon-to-be favourite blend of sustainability and skin care. It isn't just toilet paper; it's a showcase of strength, silkiness, and the promise of "no residues left behind." It's a care package for your skin, crafted with love from eco-friendly bamboo, and shines in its unbleached un-whitened, naturally chic charm.

    We've given bleach, formaldehyde and BPA a hard pass. Result? A skin-friendly companion that's incredibly kind to you, dialing down irritations, and keeping things comfy and natural. By choosing this, you're not just going for an everyday essential, but casting a vote for your skin's wellness and the green health of our home, Earth.

    Made Without Harmful Chemicals or Allergens

    At Wype, your well-being is our top priority, and we believe personal hygiene shouldn’t come at a cost to your health or our shared environment. That's why we've committed to producing tissues that put safety and sustainability first.

    Our tissues are made with a strict zero-bleach policy, ensuring they're totally chlorine-free and kind to your skin. We shun harmful toxins, refusing to let them anywhere near our products or your home. You won’t find PFAs, also known as 'forever chemicals', in our manufacturing processes or our tissues. BPA, a known harmful chemical often found in consumer products, is completely omitted from our list of ingredients. And formaldehyde, acknowledged for its potential implications on health? You guessed it - not present.

    But we've gone even further to ensure our products are mindful of your health. Knowing that dyes and scents can trigger allergens, we've chosen to keep them out of our tissues. We understand that true cleanliness doesn't need to be masked with artificial fragrances or colors. And note, our bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic!

    Our promise is simple: No harmful substances, no allergens, and no compromise on quality.

    Materials - From Bamboo Groves to Your Doorstep

    At Wype, we take the journey of our products seriously. It's more than just manufacturing and shipping; it's a careful dance of sourcing, crafting, and delivering. Starting with 100% organic bamboo pulp from responsibly sourced, FSC-certified bamboo groves, we ensure our sustainability commitment is embodied right from the start.

    Take a look at a roll of our tissue and you'll see a testament to quality - a sturdy 2-ply structure weighing in at over 40gsm. Gsm (or 'grams per square meter') signifies the quality and thickness of paper. A higher gsm equates to a stronger, thicker paper, giving you a cozy yet efficient clean.

    Each roll houses 330 carefully calibrated sheets. Measuring a precise 10.4 cm x 10.4 cm, each sheet strikes the balance between softness and adequacy, without leading to wasteful excess. Upholding the highest hygiene standards, all our rolls are individually encapsulated in food-grade wrapping paper and printed using soy bean inks.

    Our narrative of sustainability, however, doesn't conclude with the product. It echoes in our packaging - which is proudly 100% plastic-free. And the story continues with our shipping cartons, made from post-consumer recycled corrugated materials.

    When you choose Wype, you're choosing more than just comfort and cleanliness. You're dolling out a vote for a healthier planet and a sustainable future. Inaugurate a lifestyle that is truly Sustainably Skin-Wise.

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    Bamboo Toilet Paper

    A Milestone for the Planet

    Our commitment to the environment goes beyond sourcing sustainable materials. Our paper is processed and manufactured in a carbon-neutral plant, powered entirely by onsite renewable energy, setting a new standard for eco-conscious production.

    By minimizing emissions and investing in renewable energy sources, we are proud to say that our manufacturing process leaves a minimal carbon footprint. This pioneering approach reflects our determination to make a positive impact on the planet and inspire change in the industry.

    We thought you would ask

    Why is Bamboo better?

    The growth speed of bamboo is rather remarkable—it can shoot up to 3 feet in a day while absorbing significant amounts of carbon. Harvest-ready in just three years, bamboo remains sustainable as it doesn't need replanting after harvest, popping back up naturally. Bamboo is anti-microbial & hypoallergenic.

    Conventional toilet paper manufacturers often source their softest variants from old-growth forests, home to irreplaceable ecosystems and massive carbon storage. By choosing bamboo, you're helping to keep these vital forests intact—reflecting the essence of Wype's "Sustainably Skin-Wise" mantra. With bamboo, it's not just about personal well-being, but the well-being of our planet too.

    How can I easily manage My Subscription and Deliveries?

    After your initial order is placed, an "account activation" email will head your way. This is to help you establish an account with us for easy subscription management. If you haven't seen this email, it might be beneficial to check both the inbox and the spam folder.

    Once you activate your account, you can freely login as desired. This dedicated space allows for practical modifications, such as updating your shipping schedule, changing your address, or editing billing details, all with an aim for health-conscious shopping and sustainability.

    Transparency is key, that's why we'll dispatch a friendly reminder email three days in advance before shipping your next order. Remember, you have total control over your subscription at all times. You can delay orders or cancel your subscription whenever necessary, simply by accessing your account page. We're right here to facilitate your journey towards a more sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle every step of the way.

    Is your Packaging committed to being Plastic-Free?

    Yes, indeed! Our packaging refuses to shake hands with plastic. It's prepared entirely from recycled materials, aligning with our belief in respecting and caring for our environment. Not stopping there, our packaging also waves proudly the flag of total recyclability and/or compostability, aspiring to minimize waste.

    If you need guidance on how to properly dispose of the box or wrappers, feel free to get in touch with us at

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    Top-notch support

    Benefit from our dedicated assistance as we together prioritize your personal well-being within a sustainable lifestyle.

    Green Guarantee

    Your complete satisfaction, or your money back. A promise from us to you, in taking care of your personal wellness and the environment.