Born from Personal Tribulations, Now a Sustainable Triumph

The journey began amidst struggles with skin sensitivities and inflammation. A crushing hereditary colon cancer diagnosis within the family was the catalyst for a fervent journey to create healthier, less chemically processed and more skin-friendly hygiene solutions.

Around then, a pattern started to appear; the unexpected culprits were fragrant deodorants, hygiene paper, and everyday wet wipes. This revelation guided the mission towards a product design that was not just effective but also considerate towards skin health, free from harmful additives.

With a goal to disrupt the norm in the paper hygiene industry came a partnership with a like-minded manufacturer. Together, a vision was pursued to put forward eco-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on quality.

But the aspiration of Wype extends beyond just producing superior, skin-caring products. A commitment remains staunch to reducing our carbon footprint, sustainably sourcing materials, and ensuring our packaging reflects eco-friendly ethos.

A part of our mission is also to illuminate the conversation around inflammatory and bowel diseases, colon cancer and crohn's disease. We have joined hands with nonprofits, directing contributions towards campaigns that support research into these diseases.

We’re Wype: more than just a sustainable, skin-friendly product - we’re a friend striving for a better, healthier future with you. Truly, sustainably skin-wise.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Wellness

Wype is a refreshing presence in the personal hygiene industry, thoughtfully addressing both environmental and health concerns. We cater to an audience mindfully grounded in sustainability and well-being, fostering an eco-conscious, health-centric approach to our products.

While maintaining a direct and informative tone, we acknowledge and empathize with our community's concerns regarding their health and the environment.

With our resolute focus on eco-friendly innovations and prioritizing health, a transparent conversation about the benefits of Wype products becomes essential. We take pride in crafting tree-free, toxin-free products that respect both your skin and Mother Earth. By illuminating our unwavering dedication to sustainability, we underscore the importance of choosing Wype as a responsible, skin-caring solution.

Embracing Nature, Nurturing Skin – Sustainably Skin-Wise.

Pure and simple

With Wype, enjoy a product that's untouched by harmful additives and respects your wellbeing.

Naturally gentle

Embrace the comfort of unbleached, chlorine-free toilet paper that’s kind to both you and the environment..

Sensitive skin approved

Wype is designed to accommodate even the most delicate skin, providing gentle care and maximum comfort.

Safeguard your health

Our paper is lovingly crafted without harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and nurturing clean.

Ensuring your safety

Rest assured, our tissue paper is crafted to be 100% BPA-free, protecting your health with every use.

Nature's embrace

Wype combines sustainability and skin-friendliness with the power of 100% organic bamboo fibers.