Trial a Healthier Way to Wipe

Introducing our complimentary Trial. With this offer, we invite you to experience the harmony of sustainability and skin care with our Tissues, a testament to Un-whitened Natural Chic.

Consciously crafted, our toilet paper's strength, silkiness, and non-pilling quality embody Wype's unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Sourced from the naturally robust bamboo, each roll comes with the assurance that no bleach or whitening additives, formaldehyde, PFAS or BPA has been a part of the process. The gentle touch of our toilet paper which is toxin-free minimizes skin irritation, promoting a healthier and more comfortable experience for you. Designed with a softer side for dabbing and a stronger side for those moments that require a bit more sturdiness.

By choosing to use our Trial Pack Subscription, you'll join hands with an initiative that values superior skin care and environmental responsibility equally.

Upon subscribing, you'll get

A free trial pack to sample our products with ease.

Subscription plan enrollment that you can tailor by quantity and frequency.

If you love your Wype experience, continue your subscription onwards without a hiccup. For any reason, if you're not satisfied, you can cancel anytime — no strings attached.

Additionally, you can gift this offering to someone dear, sharing the goodness of eco-conscious, health-focused personal care.

Embrace a healthier tomorrow that radiates enhanced personal hygiene, skin wellness, and planetary stewardship. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and skin-wise future.

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    Bamboo Toilet Paper Trial Pack

    Sustainably Skin-Wise

    Ah, bring on the 100% Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper - your soon-to-be favourite blend of sustainability and skin care. It isn't just toilet paper; it's a showcase of strength, silkiness, and the promise of "no residues left behind." It's a care package for your skin, crafted with love from eco-friendly bamboo, and shines in its unbleached un-whitened, naturally chic charm.

    We've given bleach, formaldehyde and BPA a hard pass. Result? A skin-friendly companion that's incredibly kind to you, dialing down irritations, and keeping things comfy and natural. By choosing this, you're not just going for an everyday essential, but casting a vote for your skin's wellness and the green health of our home, Earth.

    Made Without Harmful Chemicals or Allergens

    At Wype, your well-being is our top priority, and we believe personal hygiene shouldn’t come at a cost to your health or our shared environment. That's why we've committed to producing tissues that put safety and sustainability first.

    Our tissues are made with a strict zero-bleach policy, ensuring they're totally chlorine-free and kind to your skin. We shun harmful toxins, refusing to let them anywhere near our products or your home. You won’t find PFAs, also known as 'forever chemicals', in our manufacturing processes or our tissues. BPA, a known harmful chemical often found in consumer products, is completely omitted from our list of ingredients. And formaldehyde, acknowledged for its potential implications on health? You guessed it - not present.

    But we've gone even further to ensure our products are mindful of your health. Knowing that dyes and scents can trigger allergens, we've chosen to keep them out of our tissues. We understand that true cleanliness doesn't need to be masked with artificial fragrances or colors. And note, our bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic!

    Our promise is simple: No harmful substances, no allergens, and no compromise on quality.

    Materials - From Bamboo Groves to Your Doorstep

    At Wype, we take the journey of our products seriously. It's more than just manufacturing and shipping; it's a careful dance of sourcing, crafting, and delivering. Starting with 100% organic bamboo pulp from responsibly sourced, FSC-certified bamboo groves, we ensure our sustainability commitment is embodied right from the start.

    Take a look at a roll of our tissue and you'll see a testament to quality - a sturdy 2-ply structure weighing in at over 40gsm. Gsm (or 'grams per square meter') signifies the quality and thickness of paper. A higher gsm equates to a stronger, thicker paper, giving you a cozy yet efficient clean.

    Each roll houses 350 carefully calibrated sheets. Measuring a precise 10 cm x 10 cm, each sheet strikes the balance between softness and adequacy, without leading to wasteful excess. Upholding the highest hygiene standards, all our rolls are individually encapsulated in food-grade wrapping paper and printed using soy bean inks.

    Our narrative of sustainability, however, doesn't conclude with the product. It echoes in our packaging - which is proudly 100% plastic-free. And the story continues with our shipping cartons, made from post-consumer recycled corrugated materials.

    When you choose Wype, you're choosing more than just comfort and cleanliness. You're dolling out a vote for a healthier planet and a sustainable future. Inaugurate a lifestyle that is truly Sustainably Skin-Wise.

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    Bamboo Toilet Paper Trial Pack

    Everyday commodities like chlorine bleach and artificial fragrances, subtly taint your health. These intruders can sensitise your skin, trigger allergies, and upset your hormonal equilibrium.

    The first thing most people do in the morning is use the toilet. Unfortunately, the whiter and fluffier your toilet paper, the more chlorine bleach or whitening additives and formaldehyde it contains! Bleach and additives can cause local irritation, while formaldehyde is also a skin irritant and, in high enough doses, a carcinogen. In fact, some women who think they're getting recurrent yeast infections may actually be reacting to the chemicals in their toilet paper.

    We thought you would ask

    What should I expect from the Wype Trial Pack Subscription?

    The Trial Pack subscription is your gateway to experiencing Wype's commitment to health-focused and environmentally conscious personal hygiene. When you subscribe, you will receive a complimentary trial pack of our bamboo toilet paper. Each roll is designed with a soft side for delicate touches and a sturdier side for increased strength when you need it, ensuring comfort at all times.

    We've taken special care to source our bamboo from certified forests, and our manufacturing process does not involve harmful substances like bleach, formaldehyde, or BPA. Post-trial, if you are satisfied, your subscription will continue according to your chosen quantity and frequency. If you choose to discontinue, you can cancel anytime, assuring a risk-free experience.

    How does Wype toilet paper contribute to both my skin health and ecological sustainability?

    By marrying innovative craft with eco-conscious sourcing, our bamboo toilet paper offers a gentle touch that significantly minimizes skin irritation. Our transparency about the manufacturing process extends to clear and empathetic communication that your health comes first. We assure you that our product is devoid of harmful chemicals like bleach, formaldehyde, and BPA, which can accumulate over time and cause health concerns.

    The ecological sustainability aspect comes from our respect for Earth's green lungs. By using bamboo from Forest Stewardship Council-accredited forests, we ensure that your choice of Wype doesn't reduce our planet's precious tree cover

    Can I gift a Trial Pack Subscription to a friend or family member?

    Absolutely. We understand that Wype's ethos of skin care and environmental responsibility often resonates with the values of our conscientious customers. If you wish to share the benefits of Wype toilet paper with your loved ones, you can opt for gifting a Trial Pack Subscription. In doing so, you're not just giving them a personal hygiene product; you're welcoming them into a community that values well-being and planet stewardship equally.

    Eco-Conscious Delivery

    Your subscription now comes with eco-friendly delivery, ensuring your convenience at zero cost!

    Top-notch support

    Benefit from our dedicated assistance as we together prioritize your personal well-being within a sustainable lifestyle.

    Green Guarantee

    Your complete satisfaction, or your money back. A promise from us to you, in taking care of your personal wellness and the environment.