A commitment to forests

By choosing Wype, you're using a skin-friendly product made without cutting a single tree.

Redefining Hygiene with Tree-Free Solutions

At wype, we believe that sustainability should never be compromised when it comes to paper hygiene. That's why we proudly introduce our range of toilet paper and facial tissue that are made without trees - a true game-changer in the world of eco-friendly products. Crafted from 100% organic bamboo, which is grown without the use of added fertilizers or pesticides, our products are a testament to our commitment to the planet. Join us on this remarkable journey as we revolutionize the industry, one tree-free sheet at a time.

Organic Bamboo: A Sustainable Alternative

We've chosen organic bamboo as the foundation of our paper hygiene revolution. Why? Because bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth and requires minimal resources to thrive. By utilizing bamboo instead of traditional tree pulp, we are preserving natural forests and minimizing deforestation. Bamboo is not only a renewable resource but also a champion of sustainability, making it the perfect choice for conscious consumers like you.

Stewardship matters

Our commitment to the environment shines through our responsibly sourced, FSC Certified materials.

At wype, sustainability is more than just a buzzword - it's our guiding principle. That's why we are proud to partner with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organization that ensures responsible forest management.

Through this partnership, we guarantee that our bamboo is sourced from sustainably managed forests, where strict conservation practices are implemented to protect biodiversity and maintain ecosystem balance.

Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

Empowered by the sun

Wype harnesses the power of 8500 solar panels, proving our commitment to renewable energy and a brighter future.

Climate-conscious choice

Our forward-thinking carbon neutral manufacturing process contributes to a greener planet.

Exclusively eco-conscious

Wype holds the distinct honor of being the world's sole B-certified tissue manufacturer, taking a stand for sustainability

A step ahead

Compared to other eco-friendly brands, Wype excels with 50% fewer carbon emissions, making a significant impact.

Green from start to finish

The journey of your Wype product is as eco-friendly as the product itself, thanks to our carbon neutral shipping.

A Milestone for the Planet

A Milestone for the Planet

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond sourcing sustainable materials. Our paper is processed and manufactured in a carbon-neutral plant, powered entirely by onsite renewable energy, setting a new standard for eco-conscious production.

By minimizing emissions and investing in renewable energy sources, we are proud to say that our manufacturing process leaves a minimal carbon footprint. This pioneering approach reflects our determination to make a positive impact on the planet and inspire change in the industry.

We thought you would ask

What is Tree-Free Toilet Paper?

Tree-free toilet paper is a sustainable alternative to traditional toilet paper, which is often made from virgin tree pulp. At Wype, our toilet paper is made from fast-growing bamboo— a far more eco-friendly choice. By choosing bamboo, we help to save trees, conserve water, and reduce carbon emissions, contributing significant positive impacts on our environment.

Why Should I Choose Tree-Free Toilet Paper Over Traditional Toilet Paper?

Every roll of tree-free toilet paper helps to conserve the environment in multiple ways —from saving trees to reducing water and energy consumption. It also ensures you're avoiding potentially harmful toxins that can lurk in traditional toilet paper. By choosing Wype's tree-free toilet paper, you're making a direct contribution to environmental sustainability and actively prioritizing your health..

Which parts of the paper making process have environmental impact?

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest environmental impact of papermaking is not deforestation (as long as certified fibers such as FSC or PEFC are used) but the source of the enormous amount of energy that the process requires. A paper made with energy from renewable sources will, in essence, be a very sustainable paper.

There are secondary environmental impacts, such as the type of packaging used in the final product, logistical inefficiencies or the destination of the waste generated during the manufacturing process.

Does Tree-Free Toilet Paper Come in Contact with Pesticides or Unhealthy Chemicals During Its Manufacturing Process?

Our commitment to your health goes beyond the final product. We ensure that our tree-free toilet paper is toxin-free all through the manufacturing process. We use bamboo that is grown without harmful pesticides or fertilizers. We also do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals in processing. Our product is genuinely safe for you and the environment.

A Sustainable Choice for Future Generations

A Sustainable Choice for Future Generations

By opting for Wype's Free & Gentle products, you are not just protecting your family's health but also contributing to a sustainable future. Traditional paper hygiene products often rely on the pulp derived from mature trees in the Canadian Boreal Forest, jeopardizing the world's carbon sink. But with Wype, you can make a difference.

Our commitment to sustainability means that we source our materials responsibly and do not cut down any trees to create our products. By choosing Wype, you are actively supporting the preservation of the Canadian Boreal Forest, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the benefits of this vital ecosystem. Together, let's make a positive impact on our planet while embracing a toxin-free lifestyle.